Insights : Bird of Passage

What got us thinking is the immense desire within every individual to ‘move on’!! A few of us do so by constantly evolving themselves, while the rest love to explore the world around them. We often give in the wanderlust and plan ahead for a beautiful getaway, almost always in a nick of time and given today’s lifestyle we end up combining leisure and work during such travels.


To every woman travel clothing seems to be the ones that are picked very carefully, ensuring that they serve their purpose very well; hence we always have to limit our choices. Sometimes we end up taking many things that need a lot of maintenance which can cause unnecessary tasks adding on during the travel.  This collection by Pamilone has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a passionate modern day traveler, the one who truly loves to explore the world’s beautiful places.


“Button down in our shirts or suit up with our spiced-up blazer for a business meet & greet”

For all those who are wondering ‘How is this collection perfect for travel?’…. here it is; this collection is very easy to maintain, crease resistance and is also light to pack. Not only are the silhouette sexy and class apart, every piece is very versatile with numerous cross pairing options. The statement pieces in this collection will definitely add to your charm and help you make a memorable experience meeting new people. These audacious pieces can take you from casual-chic, to being the ‘Boss lady’ or the ‘Glam girl’.

As our designer would state,“With this collection a woman can pack light and not compromise on the looks she plans to sport. She can play casual at brunches with our chic crop tops and flared pants; button down in our shirts or suit up with our spiced-up blazer for a business  meet & greet and when it comes to showing who runs the world she can count on any of our signature pieces to compliment the inner diva”


Considering the variation in cultures and vast differences of weather in travel destinations, we offer a range of products from breezy slip tops to ultra chic oversize jacket. The palette is sober and the detailing is kept clean and needless to fuss about. Few of the signature pieces can be sported as they are, to reveal your bold and elegant persona or can be styled by layering and still add to your poise. Now it is for you to decide, which of these Pamilone looks get out the best in you!



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